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Software Versions


Keeping your software up-to-date is very important in minimising the possibility of your system being compromised.  This page keeps track of the key software that people use and can be remotely exploited.

General Applications

Page Last Updated: 2013/01/22

Application Version Other Information
Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.146 To check and find the latest version – Find Version.
Adobe Reader/Acrobat Latest versions are normally here in Latest Acrobat Updates.
Adobe Shockwave Player To check version – Find Version.
Apple iTunes 10.7 Apple Security Updates are normally in Security Updates.
Apple Quick Time 7.7.3
Apple Safari 6.0.2 (Mac), 5.1.7 (Windows)
Google Chrome 24.0.1312.52 m
Mozilla Firefox 18.0.1 Mozilla has transitioned to Silent, Background Updates (similar to Google Chrome) from version 15.0
Oracle Java 1.7.0_13 Version 7 Update 13. To check version, Java Version Check. And to disable Java on the web browser Disable Java in Browser.

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